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Development trend of coiling machine

Release time:2014-03-07 09:44:18 Source of the article:qyjljc Number of clicks:2202

  First, with the large-scale chemical industry, boilers, pressure vessels and other industries in China, the coiling machine is processing large, extra-large horizontal three-roll rolls for thick plates, extra-thick plates, high-strength plates, composite plates, etc. The direction of the board machine is developing. At the same time, the large four-roll bending machine has also been developed due to the short straight edge, material saving, forming precision and high efficiency.

  Second, the complete configuration of the coiling machine as the main processing equipment, thus providing customers with a total solution. For example, the overall solution for wind turbine tower forming is equivalent.

  Third, the rapid development of oil tankers, oil storage tanks and other industries requires small coiling machines to develop in the direction of thin edge, extra long shape, multiple curvature and numerical control.

  Fourth, with the CNC coiling machine as the center, the formation of the flexible processing unit of the coil is an important direction for future development.

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