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The development direction of the CNC bending machine and the core technical standards

Release time:2014-04-14 09:45:39 Source of the article:qyjljc Number of clicks:2228

  China is a consumer and importer of the world's coiling machines. In terms of the overall market demand, with the strong development momentum of a number of high-growth industries based on heavy industry such as domestic automobile, steel, machinery, mold, electronics and chemical industry, the demand for high-efficiency and high-precision automated manufacturing equipment has been driven. The machine tool industry has entered a stage of rapid growth. From the characteristics of my imported coiling machine last year, it is not difficult to see that China's demand for precision production, high-efficiency and high-speed medium and high-grade CNC coiling machines has increased significantly, showing that the demand structure of China's coiling machine has undergone major changes.

  First, the development direction of CNC

  China uses laser measurement for the motion control of the bending machine. This technology is like installing a high-precision navigation device for the CNC bending machine, which improves the accuracy of the CNC bending machine. This technology has made domestic large and medium-sized high-end CNC coiling machine have made major technological breakthroughs in sub-micron ultra-precision integrated control, and is at the leading level in the world. It is reported that the extremely precise manufacturing technology is an important direction for the development of the current CNC coiling machine technology. Only the extremely precise coiling machine can manufacture the high-tech equipment required for the application of ships, aerospace equipment and IT industry.

  In the past, my domestically produced coiling machine could only make ordinary ship engines, etc., and the submarine engine and other products with extremely high precision requirements must use the imported coiling machine, and now the domestic coiling machine can also meet this technical requirement. The high-precision coiler motion control technology developed this time can be used in medium and large-sized coiling machines to achieve 0.5 micron positioning accuracy within 1 meter and 0.1 micron repeat positioning accuracy, which is an order of magnitude higher than the precision of traditional precision coiling machines. China's CNC coiling machine technology has entered the ranks of the world's high-end. China is a big consumer of the world's coiling machine, a big manufacturing country, and a big importing country. The domestic rolling machine is mainly a low-end and medium-end coiling machine with a profit of only 5%. The profit of imported high-end CNC coiling machine is as high as 30%. ~40%. At present, China's high-end CNC coiling machine market accounts for 95% of imported products, and China needs to spend 10 billion US dollars each year.

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