Mechanical Symmetry 3 Roll Rolling Machine
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W11-12x2000- Mechanical Symmetry 3 Roll Rolling Machine

W11-12x2000- Mechanical Symmetry 3 Roll Rolling Machine

Product Details


  Three-roll bending machine is a bending and correcting machine for sheet metal. It is specially used for forming and bending of sheet metal. It can bend sheet into various specifications of cylindrical and arc shape. The equipment has conical winding device. It can easily roll conical workpiece.

  Main technical characteristics:

  1, simple, practical, economical and easy to operate.

  2. The upper roller can be mechanically lifted or hydraulically lifted.

  3, we need to use the equipment to pre bend the remaining straight edges.

  4. Centralized control of mobile electric cabinets and electrical appliances;

  5, the end of the work roll can be assembled with different specifications of profiles.

  After sales service

  1 product after-sales service content

  (1) the warranty period for product quality is 12 months.

  (2) lifelong service, and provide spare parts in time.

  2 quality commitment

  (1) the factory's products are of high quality and reliability, so that early failure can be eliminated in the factory.

  (2) When the quality problem is found in the user's use process, the product will reply within 2 hours after receiving the user's notification, arrive at the user's site or dispatch service personnel 48 hours if necessary, and do not remove the trouble, and the maintenance personnel will not leave the site;

  Third, the enterprise provides guarantee parts for the factory products, and repairs the service according to the users' requirements.

  Acceptance and installation

  1, after the equipment is completed, we will inform the buyer in time to send the factory to our factory for pre acceptance. Shipment can be processed only if the seller is qualified and executed according to the requirements of the contract.

  2. In the early stage of putting the product into use, our company sent personnel to cooperate with the buyer's operation and use, familiar with the performance of the product until the buyer fully grasps the use.

  Our company can customize a variety of specifications and models of plate bender, profile bender, flange machine and pipe bender according to customer requirements!

  At the same time, the external coupons are made of heavy plate, flange, channel steel, angle steel and round pipe.

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