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W12NC-20x2000- Four Roll Rolling Machine

W12NC-20x2000- Four Roll Rolling Machine

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  The W12NC-20x2000 type four roll bending machine is a sheet metal bending and correcting machine. It is specially used for forming and bending of metal plates. Pre-bending and crimping of cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces of various specifications can be completed after one-time feeding. With the aid of auxiliary devices, conical cylinders can be rolled. The metal sheet can also be roughly reshaped.

  This machine is a four-roll plate winder. Its structure is shown in Fig. 1. The upper roll is the active roll, the lower roll and the side roll are the driven rolls. The position of the upper roll is fixed, the lower roll and the side roll can be lifted and moved. The upper roll is mechanically driven. The rotation of the lower and side rolls is driven by the friction between the steel plate and the rolls. Both the lower and the side rollers are driven by the two ends of the cylinder to realize the lifting movement. The reversing and resetting of the upside-down body of the upper roller are carried out by the oil cylinder, and the bearing bodies and the oil cylinders of each roller are installed in the racks at the left and right ends. The left and right stands are the main body of the four roll bending machine, and the welding structure is installed on the whole base. All operations of the machine are carried out on the operating platform.

  Compared with the symmetrical three-roll plate winding machine, the four-roll plate winding machine can bend the end of the plate directly without the aid of other equipments and dies, and the remaining straight edge is smaller; it can make the plate turn into a workpiece without turning the head.

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